Josie Gardin making her way through Asia as a model under Basic Model Management, based in Singapore.

Josie has be in Milan for the 1 month! ¬†she’ll be there another 2 months, then back to Singapore. Castings everyday and booking jobs too!

Josie Gardin. photo shoot done in Milan 
Beauty shot. Model Josie Gardin
Josie Gardin for Blueprint
Josie Gardin
Josie Gardin
on set of a photoshoot.
Josie Gardin
Josie G at a fashion show for a launch of a new brand in Singapore !
Josie Gardin, photoshoot in Singapore
Finally the photos came out from a shoot a did awhile ago !!
Make up from today’s work. #work #makeup #artist #basicmodels #lipstick #hello
Josie Gardin for Femmex 
Josie Gardin (middle) after walking for Forever 21
Josie Gardin 3rd from the left